Advisory Boards Panels Ambassador Judge

Art & Australia - Editorial Advisor - 2013 to present

‘Art & Australia is an international contemporary art magazine from Sydney, Australia. It features exhibition and book reviews, tributes, commissioned artist's projects, essays, in-depth interviews, and analyses of contemporary art issues.’

&Company - Advisory Board - 2013 to present

‘A design company made up of emerging designers and their products. &company collaborates with creative talents to bring new, inspired products to market. &company is a broker of creative opportunity, bringing together emerging designers, the creative community, makers, classes, workshop spaces, exhibitions and events. &company celebrates innovation, excellence, craftsmanship, entrepreneurialism and the shared knowledge and skill that comes from building a creative community’.

Australian Design Alliance - Ambassador

City of Sydney - Retail Advisory Panel - 2010 to present

Panel member. ‘The Panel brings together the retail industry, the NSW Government and Council to work together on issues of common interest; provide strategic advice that would help shape the future of retailing in Sydney and identify and create opportunities for retailing to capitalize on the expansion of major events and tourism campaigns through better integration with Events NSW, Tourism NSW and Business Events Sydney’.       

Design Institute of Australia - Judge GOTYA Award

Fashion Revolution - Advisory Committee

We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

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Garage Sale Trail - Ambassador - 2011 to present

‘The Garage Sale Trail is about sustainability, community and fun. By getting people together to turn their old stuff into someone else's new stuff, the day not only proves that second hand items can still have value, it keeps rubbish off the street, removes clutter from cupboards, stops a bunch of new things being brought into the world (along with the environmental impact that creates) and gives everyone good reason to meet the neighbours and have a good natter at the same time.’ The first year saw more than 1,600 garage sales for the event.

Good Gift Shop - Ambassador

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia - Director's Working Circle- 2000 to present 

1 Million Women - Ambassador - 2009 to present

Sydney Living Museums - Creative Services Advisory - 2012 to present

‘Sydney Living Museums, the public-facing name of the Historic Houses Trust of NSW, cares for 12 of the State’s most important historic houses, museums and their collections. We bring our museums to life through a dynamic program of exhibitions, events such as walks, talks and tours. Each year, nearly a million visitors enjoy our exhibitions or public programs, visit our sites, or book our fantastic venues, whilst around 60,000 young people each year learn about the past through our great education programs’.

Voiceless - Council Member - 2009 to present

Supporter since 2004 and designer of the Voiceless Awards trophies, which support and recognize community and media.‘Voiceless envisions a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion. Voiceless will bring the institutionalized suffering of animals to the forefront of Australia’s agenda; ensuring that animal protection is the next great social justice movement’.