Over one weekend, Sydney Open will unlock the doors of more than 60 of the city’s most important, inspiring and intriguing buildings and spaces.

Australia's premier open building event, Sydney Open returns on November 3-4, marking 21 years since the program first unlocked the doors to some of the city's most historic and architecturally inspiring buildings usually off limits to the public.

Presented by Sydney Living Museums, Sydney Open offers visitors a "behind-the-scenes" look at hidden architectural treasures and some of the city's most loved buildings.

From places of historic significance to award-winning new structures that shape the city's urban landscape and cultural life, Sydney Open celebrates great architecture and how it influences our lives.

3-4 November 2018



Workshop leaders:
Heidi Dokulil, Jenny Louey, Liane Rossler.

Design team:
Twelve budding young designers

Happy Talk’s Liane Rossler and Heidi Dokulil were joined by Jenny Louey for the SCCI Architecture Hub's 2018 Kid’s Design Workshop.

Celebrating resourcefulness and the collective power of ideas, Happy Talk's design brief challenged a group of budding young designers to re-imagine the city and share their ideas for a collection of happy spaces for Sydney.

Fostering ideas from the wild to the wonderful, the workshop focused on collaboration, sketching, materials play and model making, allowing each designer to explore environmental sustainability through diverse languages of expression.

21 October 2018

Baca Architects, Bíku Treehouse Retreat, concept for an eco hotel, Panama Island, 2017.

Baca Architects, Bíku Treehouse Retreat, concept for an eco hotel, Panama Island, 2017.



The 12th annual Sydney Architecture Festival invites Sydneysiders to get behind some of our most iconic buildings and ask: what makes a building truly great? 2018 is a supernova for milestones in Australian architecture. With major anniversaries for the Sydney Opera House and Australia’s Parliament House coinciding with plans for their future, this year’s Festival looks at our opportunity to preserve, protect and renew the enduring legacy of these modern monuments for future generations.

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28 September 2018


Panelist and speaker.

HELLO WORLD: CODE AND DESIGN examines the role of code in contemporary design, considering the ways in which designers are integrating computation into their practice. The exhibition gathers objects and technologies from across the design spectrum—from fashion and textiles, to the moving image, graphics and the handmade—in order to reveal the social, economic and critical impact of code and design.


Led by Cameron Tonkinwise of the UTS School of Design this panel invites key industry guests to respond to a chosen object from our current exhibition, Hello World: Code and Design, including:

Matthew Beard, philosopher and ethicist 
Dr Kate Dunn, research leader in digital fabrication and material innovation at the UNSW Creative Robotics Research Lab
Dr Tom Lee, Lecturer, UTS School of Design 
Liane Rossler, artist, designer, curator and creative advisor, Superlocalstudio

Our second panel invites guests from legal, ethical and design backgrounds to respond to their chosen objects from the exhibition.

Curated by Aaron Seymour
24 July—14 September 2018



Curated by Liane Rossler, this program included a series of short talks at Superlocalstudio for Sydney Design Festival 2018 by local creative practices who combine an approach of considered & engaging design through a purpose & process that is human & nature centered.

Speakers included: 
The Organic Tea Project about their circular design process that benefits the producer, the customer & the environment. Jennifer Kwok on the five elements of design & nature in the urban landscape. The Republic of Everyone on Plant Life Balance, a new campaign that encourages the benefits of integrating plants in everyday life. Waverley Council highlighted local creative & sustainable initiatives that encourage & support biodiversity in the environment. Julia Champtaloup discussed her Terra Botanica photographic project which looks at everyday natural treasures in the urban landscape. Valentina Zarew on her project Simpatico, featuring how creative practices are in tune with nature. Liane Rossler on the Sweet Nature Planting Project.

Additionally, GECA presented their Materials in Mind pod, showcasing some of their 4,000 sustainable products for better living. 


'Celebrating its 20th year, Sydney Design Festival 2018 presents events that respond to the theme Call to Action.'

‘Through a diverse program of events, Sydney Design Festival champions local, national & international design, & promotes a critical understanding of the impact of design on everyday life & culture. Action is purpose & movement; Action is deliberate & forward thinking. Design has a role to play in an ever-changing world & has the potential to solve complex global problems. SDF18 events explore design practice, collaboration, conversation & current design trends.’


Speaker as part of Sydney Design 2018.

"Discover innovative projects that will shape the future of Australian design. Shape 2017 showcases a selection of outstanding major projects from the HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, and Textiles and Design courses. As varied as they are creative, these projects provide a glimpse into the minds of tomorrow’s designers.'


Jurassic Plastic is a participatory contemporary art experience for children, families and adults. In collaboration with the artist, audiences are invited to take part in the recycling and reinvention of discarded toys. It features a large-scale art installation by Hiroshi Fuji, created with his signature Toysaurus sculptures in explosive sprawling plastic landscapes of colour and pattern.

Jurassic Plastic is an art-antidote to the mass-consumption and waste that plagues our society. At once beautiful and disarming, Jurassic Plastic hits us with the reality of our disposable culture at point blank range. By transforming unwanted objects into items of value, Jurassic Plastic hopes to shine a light on our collective consumption and waste, and together, consider the role of plastic in our lives.

Hiroshi Fuji is a Japanese contemporary artist and social activist born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1960. He grew up during the height of Japan’s miraculous economic boom, symbolised by mass consumerism and excess.

Years later, in response to the glut of toys in his own family, he developed a community exchange marketplace operating on a barter economy, named ‘Kaekko’ (Japanese for ‘swapsies’). There have been over 5,000 Kaekko Bazaars since 2000, contributing to the artist’s enormous collection of unwanted plastic toys. These are the toys Fuji transforms into his evocative and captivating artworks.

Jurassic Plastic also features interactive spaces where children can explore, play and make. Atelier; the artist studio where children collaborate with artists. For Sydney Festival, they helped Hiroshi Fuji create 4 new Sydney Toysaurus, as well as collaborate with guest artists; Liane Rossler and Stephen Mushin.

Jurassic Plastic was devised and created by ArtsPeople in collaboration with Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji. The project was pitched to the Sydney Festival who commissioned a tailored version for their 2018 festival program.



Residence of Mr and Mrs P. Moddel. Designed by Henry Rossler 1965.

Residence of Mr and Mrs P. Moddel.
Designed by Henry Rossler 1965.

"As the daughter of an émigré architect, it was a great honour & pleasure to open Rebecca Hawcroft's magnificent exhibition at The Museum of Sydney. Shining light on an important & unrecognised period of Australian Modernist architecture & design. On view along with Marion Hall Best Interiors as part of The Modernist Season 2017 July 22 to November 26.

My father, Henry Rossler came to Australia from Prague after WWII in 1948, arriving on The SS Derna after an eventful ten-week passage. He was 20 years old, and with his brother had been orphaned after surviving numerous camps in Europe. In this new land of opportunity he first went to study architecture in Brisbane and then studied further in Sydney, graduating in 1955.

My mother Lilli Rossler, was born in Vienna, and arrived in Sydney with her family after fleeing Europe on the Nieuw Holland in 1938 aged 7. My mother and father both shared a love of contemporary art, design, architecture, and culture. It was inherent in our family life and has had a big influence on me. After qualifying as an architect in 1956 and working at first with local firms, my father set up his own modernist architecture practice on the corner at 222 Edgecliff Road in Woollahra. He worked there for 30 years and designed many buildings around Sydney."

The Moderns: European Designers in Sydney at Museum of Sydney, explores a forgotten aspect of Australian modernism, highlighting the direct connections between Sydney and the European design centres of Vienna, Berlin and Budapest. This object-rich exhibition tells the stories of Sydney’s émigré architects, interior designers and furniture makers working in the 1930s to 1960s and their impact on the development of modernist design in Sydney. Predominantly well-educated, urbanised and middle class, Sydney’s émigrés brought a direct experience of European modernism then available to few Australians at the time. Supported by a network of European clients and assisted by émigré craftsmen, they made a significant contribution across many fields of design and in the media, and quickly recast the suburban, low-scale city into a modern metropolis.

Designers George Korody and Steven Kalmar sold lightweight furniture for the modern home, while cabinetmakers Michael Gerstl and Paul Kafka brought a European flavour to the custom made furniture market. Architects such as Henry Epstein and Hugh Buhrich designed starkly modernist houses in Sydney from the 1940s while Hugo Stossel and Hans Peter Oser formed large firms that helped transformed Sydney’s skyline. High profile and influential, Sydney's émigré designers also included commentators Eva Buhrich and George Molnar, regular contributors to some of the most noteworthy publications of the day, including The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian House & Garden and Architecture & Arts magazines.

Discover the vitality of this community, their stories of achievement, loss, adaptation and ingenuity in this celebration of both the richness that migration brings and the diverse history of our city.


Forgotten European modernists changed the face of Sydney

Sydney's forgotten mid-century modernists



Liane Rossler, Artist, Designer, Curator and Creative Advisor | How can we design our lives for maximum impact? Liane discusses her hands-on approach to sustainable design at Superlocalstudio and how her personal balance of art, culture and the environment extends into her everyday.


Craft is pleased to present the return of the annual day-long professional development seminar Craft & Design as a Career as part of Craft Cubed Festival 2016. Taking place on Monday 22 August 2016, the seminar will present influential creatives and industry professionals to deliver key insights on topics relevant to emerging practitioners looking to forge their creative careers.

As part of this action packed day-long program, ticket holders can expect advice from curators, encouragement from makers, insights into collaboration, helpful reflections on what it means to run a sustainable craft practice as well as a thoughtful conference bag of goodies.

The diverse line-up of expert speakers and industry panelists will span creative disciplines across makers, designers, artists, writers, and curators all delivering unique insights and specialist knowledge.

Speakers include:

Hannah Presley (curator)
Kitiya Palaskas (craft-based designer)                                          
Liane Rossler (artist, designer, curator & creative advisor)
Amanda Dziedzic (glass artist) 
Claire Rosslyn Wilson (freelance writer)
Peter Waples-Crowe (artist)
Katie Somerville (Senior Curator, Fashion and Textiles, NGV)
Sue Batten (head weaver, Australian Tapestry Workshop)                Kate Rohde (artist)
Phil Ferguson (crochet artist)


On March 5, North Sydney Community Centre hosts a program of talks with six of the country’s most creative thinkers, designers, artists, makers and creators. The talks examine artistry, creative confidence, resilience, collaboration, generational change, connections, and the social media and digital landscape. 

Speakers include:

Victoria Alexander and Carolyn Lockhart
Liane Rossler and Jess Scully
Shona Wilson and Katherine Roberts
Kara Rosenlund and Barbra Sweeney
Julie Paterson and Tanya Buchanan
Karen McCartney and Tanya Buchanan
Harriet Goodall and Victoria Carey


Colour Sensation - Exhibition talk.

Liane Rossler, co-founder and former designer and director of Dinosaur Designs, and artist Melinda Harper joined in a unique dialogue, as they discussed a shared love of abstraction and their individual approaches to working creatively with shapes, colours, textures and materials. 

Untitled  1997. Melinda Harper.

Untitled 1997. Melinda Harper.


The Australian Design Centre is proud to present the Australian Design Honours – a little black book of leading Australian designers, thinkers and innovators, and a growing resource dedicated to promoting and advocating for Australian design on the world stage. Saluting 50 years of outstanding Australian design, and selected with an aim to capture Australia’s most influential talent, the Australian Design Honours program will showcase designers work both online, and in collective physical exhibitions running at the Australian Design Centre throughout 2015. As exceptional and pioneering creative activists, digital engagers, spatial thinkers, and object makers, the two hundred Australian Design Honours inaugural honourees will become founding members of this unique community, and will nominate inspiring emerging designers of their own as a means to expand and ensure the exciting future of Australian design.


A talk examining how our changing lifestyles inform and influence the spaces we create. The panel addresses the working concerns of today’s interior design community – covering aspects from styling, to product design and sustainability concerns.

Hosted by the Australian Design Centre, Australia’s leading centre for craft and design, and chaired by The Snap Assembly's Anne-Maree Sargeant, this panel discussion features a line-up of Australian design luminaries including: “Australia’s first stylist” Babette Hayes OAM; artist, designer, and educator Jacquie Clayton; Liane Rossler, designer, curator and creative advisor; and Robyn Holt, former CEO of Condé Nast, publisher of Vogue and GQ, and co-founder of the Monocle Magazine empire.

The second Gold Club event, is a conversation series that shines a spotlight on how influential women have contributed to the Australian art, craft, and design landscape. Presented as part of Sydney Design 2015, organised by the Museum of Arts and Applied Sciences, and is proudly supported by UNSW Art & Design.


A REAL Foundation + UNSW Art & Design Initiative.

A showcase of work interested in innovation, design thinking and social impact to help change our world, as part of the Design for Social Impact REAL Accelerator program.

Judging panel includes Virginia Bruce, Heidi Dokulil, Kerry Series, Jill Bennett, Liane Rossler and Brad Furber.



A member of the of the Greenflicks jury for Flickerfest 2015 with Pat Fiske and Ben Peacock.  A selection of the best short films based on environmental themes from around the world.

Congratulations to all finalists and winners DUSTS - Daniel Metge and Sandra da Fonesca, and IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN - Sanjay Patel and Victoria Wharfe McIntyre.



The Arc@COFA annual Kudos Award for emerging artists and designers, held in October every year, provides students with a momentous opportunity to win prizes and gain recognition as groundbreaking artists and designers.

Finalists are exhibited at Kudos Gallery and judged by a panel of distinguished industry professionals. 

The judges of the 2014 Kudos Award were Tony Albert, Liane Rossler, and Amanda Rowell.

Congratulations to all exhibitors and winners:

Justin Shoulder
Claudia Nicholson
Yao Zhang
Charles Mouyat
James D McDonald
Katherine Rooke
Louise Zhang
Nathan Babet
Rebecca Gallo
Terrence Combos


The popular Artisans in the Gardens exhibition will return for its fourteenth year in 2014. Held in the iconic Lion Gate Lodge in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, the exhibition showcases the work of some of Australia’s leading contemporary artists and craftspeople.

The exhibition features the works of artists from around Australia including emerging and established contemporary jewellers, ceramicists, glass makers, textile artists, weavers and sculptors.

Presented by Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Artisans brings together some of the country’s most innovative and exciting artisans whose inspiration for their outstanding work is drawn from the beauty and complexity of nature.

All work is for sale and proceeds support the work of the Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust.

Artisans in the Gardens is an associated event of Art & About Sydney 2014.


How Design Can Improve Our Everyday Lives.

"We've teamed up with Object: Australian Design Centre to give you The Gallery Edition – 7 weeks of some of the most creative and innovative design concepts in Sydney right now. Come and witness the pop up installations of past bombed ideas, and help answer these questions: 'how we can make Sydney's art spaces better?', and 'how design can improve our everyday lives?'.

Idea Bombing Sydney: The Gallery Edition will run for 6 weeks from 7 July 2014 to 23 August 2014 and split into two parts."

Idea Bombing.jpg


DESIGNER COLLECTIONS: Five designers shared the five works that they had to have - or wish they could - and described how the works have inspired their practice. With contributions from Liane Rossler, Henry Wilson, George Livissianis, Jonathan Logan and Tomek Archer.


TOMORROW'S THINKERS: Liane Rossler, designer, Annette Mauer, Head of Learning, Object: Australian Design Centre, Heather Whitely Robertson, Museum of Contemporary Art, Suzanne Boccalatte, designer, and Janet Rentz, educator, discussed the benefits of art in enhancing creativity, imagination and self-esteem in young children, as well as how it contributes to cognition, critical thinking and learning.

ReThink Design Sydney. 2013.

Liane Rossler in conversation with Fenella Kernebone.

Liane discussed her practice as a Sydney-based designer,  and her work with Supercyclers with Fenella Kernebone. Supercyclers describe their project which launched in April 2011 as a banner for their investigations into reuse of waste materials and as a platform to profile other designers/designs that they felt were approaching issues of sustainability in worthwhile ways.


Panel: Opportunities for design entrepreneurs: Speaking from experience... 

'Love design, and always wanted to see it shift from side-project to centre stage, to find a way to pay the bills doing what you love? &company is throwing open a huge conversation: There must be a better way. How can we learn from other people who are running successful businesses based on their passion to make a difference through culture and community? What does it really take to turn an idea or a skill-set into a business?'

Click here to read more.


In association with Fugitive Structures 2013. Design and make your own dream structure with designer Liane Rossler and architect Sam Marshall.

Liane Rossler is an artist, designer, curator, creative advisor and ambassador for issues relating to design and the environment. Recent work includes Here and Now, Happy Talk and Supercyclers;  projects focused on clever and beautiful sustainable design practice. Liane was also co-founder, former designer and director of Dinosaur Designs for 25 years.

Sam Marshall is the founding principal of Sydney-based practice, Architect Marshall. Sam was awarded the 2000 RAIA Wilkinson Award, RAIA President’s Award for Recycled Buildings and an RAIA Conservation Award for his warehouse conversion in Darlinghurst. His recent extension to the Museum of Contemporary Art was awarded an Australian Institute of Architects Commendation.



Create Your Own Space Design workshop at Space Furniture.

Space Furniture invited budding young designers to join designer Liane Rossler and architect Sam Marshall, for an interactive children’s workshop at their Sydney showroom on Saturday 3rd November. Children explored colour, shape, materials and dimension using recycled materials to make a home for their favourite toy.



A panel discussion chaired by Bianca Nogrady, with Dr Dror Ben-Ami and Liane Rossler, and an introduction by Dr Gene Sherman AM. In association with the exhibition 'After Eden' by Janet Laurence.



Design Emergency is a program that demonstrates how design can effect positive change in the world. By equipping children with creative problem solving skills, giving them confidence to take risks and enabling them to seize opportunities Design Emergency draws on children’s extraordinary capabilities for innovation.



FINDING THE LINE BETWEEN ART & DESIGN: A thought-provoking discussion about the intersection of art and design. Speakers included Trent Jansen, designer, Andrew van der Westhuyzen, director of Collider, and Liane Rossler designer, at Object: Australian Design Centre.


Liane Rossler joined Stuart Buchanan, social and digital media expert from The Nest, and Paul Becker, Director of The 10 Group, to discuss art and marketing in the art industry. 


Liane Rossler opened the Joyaviva exhibition at the UTS Gallery Sydney.


Artistic Director Jess Scully led a panel titled "Creative for a Cause", inviting eco designers, independent and charitable literary publishers, and other community-aware creatives, to share their ethos, and their industry story.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 5.54.13 pm.png


Eat Green Design was a sustainable temporary exhibition, restaurant and theatrette, which hosted dinners, guest speakers and the latest ‘green’ products, at the Powerhouse Museum in August as part of Sydney Design 09.

Followed by and inventive menu of bio-dynamic and organic food, Eat Green Design was an exhibition, restaurant/cafe and theatrette. It was an incubator for ideas on sustainable practice in design, and a place for exploring cutting edge ecological principles, environmental engagement and collaboration. It was also a venue for design installations, talk and events, where Liane Rossler was one of the speakers.

The Eat Green Design concept was created by Cilla Maden from Collaborate and the space was designed and purpose-built by award-winning architect Hannah Tribe to demonstrate practice principles in sustainable architecture and interior design. 

Tableware, crockery, cutlery and furniture was specially commissioned from a select group of Australian designers and chef Jared Ingersoll of Danks Street Depot devised the menu. Some of the latest Australian products designed around sustainable principles were also on display.

Click here to read more.


Liane Rossler discussed how artists and designers can be a part of a design solution to the crisis of climate change at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA).