Curated and facilitated by Studio Edwards Elasticity builds on the first show held in 2018 and forms part of an ongoing body of work within the alt.material collective. Inviting leading designers to create prototypes & experimental works in response to the theme ‘elasticity’ NGV Melbourne Design Week.


Globules are a multifunctional object that can be gently shaped to create a variety of elastic shapes and fulfil a variety of uses. 

Responding to the theme ‘Elasticity’ through the production of ‘an object for use’ which can be 
interpreted as to how something can resume its shape after being stretched or
 compressed or ‘an ability to adapt in response to change Globules were designed to be created as simply and directly as possible.

Globules have been created using minimal and readily available materials that create zero waste at the end of their use. The biodegradable outer form is produced from the rubber tree, and the sand contained within is a local renewable resource.

Participating Designers

Adam Cornish
Adam Goodrum & Patryk Koca
Adam Markowitz
Andrew Simpson
Cordon Sál
Darcy Zelenko
Dean Gaylor
Dowel Jones
Elliot Bastianon
Geoff Nees & Matilda Rutherford
Jake Rollins
Jeremy Blincoe
Joe Chester
Jonathan Ben-Tovim
Liane Rossler
Luca Lettieri
Michael Gittings
Nüüd Studio
René Linssen
Ross Didier
Scott Lewis + Gabrielle Stephens
Shacre Studio
Studio Edwards
Studio Ole

Exhibition dates: 18 – 24 March