Sweet Nature. 2015. Australian clay, glaze, local plants.

Sweet Nature. 2015. Australian clay, glaze, local plants.


Artist. 'Happyness' exhibition. Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery. 2015.

"Nature provides us with so many gifts. Beautiful little heart shaped leaves with sunny yellow flowers, delicate white onion bell flowers, soft mossy mounds, strong leafy greens that resourcefully take up home in cracks and nature strips. They all have a purpose. These ceramics have been created to nurture nature. Made from local Australian clay and fired with help from the sun, they are designed to hug and value these pioneer plants that are often eradicated with herbicides that are carcinogenic for humans, wildlife and especially bees. A simple earthy contemplation and appreciation of the everyday gifts that nature delivers."

Artists include

Candice Breitz
Darren Sylvester
Ji Lee
Justy Phillips
Liane Rossler
Maryann Talia Pau


Since time immemorial, artists have produced work that scrutinises and interprets aspects of our lives – political, social and personal. In the 21st century, with the increasing pressures brought on by issues such as the global financial crisis, climate change, terrorism and more, these responses are often appropriately provocative and challenging. No less insightful and complex, the works for this exhibition focus on aspects of our world and the human condition in such a way as to generate awareness through humour, playfulness and enchantment.

Curated by Meryl Ryan and Stephen Goddard. 

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