12 August - 13 September 2017
Hotel Hotel Canberra

Curated by Heath Killen and presented by Hotel Hotel, Rainbow’s End is a museum exhibit from the future, which showcases objects and artefacts from a possible tomorrow.

The year is 2060 - a period decades into the future but still well within our lifetime. A series of catastrophes have decimated the earth’s population. Global communications have been destroyed. We are alone. 

In Australia, those of us who have survived have formed tribes, living in small pockets of the country that are still habitable. We are scattered across the land: the mountains, rivers, deserts, and forests. 

Rather than descend into chaos, we create communities in response to our new homes. We use the materials available to us - either found in nature or scavenged from the ruins of nearby cities and towns. 

Rather than rebuild the civilisation that we lost, we try to forge a new future that will set us on a different path than the one that brought us here.

This exhibition will help us imagine what life might be like if we continue on our current path.

Artists include:

Kevina Jo Smith
Helle Jorgensen
Valerie Restarick
Liane Rossler
Michael Gray
Dale Hardiman
Kate Rohde
Fred Fowler
Tracy Deep
Dave Teer

Pushme-Pullyou Ceremonial Bowl

By 2060, the population has hit 10 billion, the sea levels have risen and space has become a valuable commodity. People had become resourceful and adaptable. Civilization had hit ‘peak stuff’ earlier in the century, and people were now appreciating the really valuable things in life that supported survival. 

This bowl is designed to be as adaptable and multi functional as possible, with a form of primitive simplicity and timelessness. 

It is transportable, hard wearing, and can be used to pay tribute to what is placed inside it, such as food or water or plants.

It is designed be used in a pushme-pullyou twice as useful way.

Made from locally collected clay and beeswax.