Superblown for Supercyclers

A glass bottle is a thing that will last an indeterminate length of time in our oceans. Originally made from sand, the energy to create it is equal to the heat in a volcano. This series of delicate glass bubbles have been blown directly from the bottles, creating a new lease of life for them as vases. Superblown takes discarded glass bottles and directly hand blows them to become delicate vessels, whose colour is the only signifier of their former life. 

These works were launched at The Other Hemisphere in Milan at Ventura Lambrate, in April 2014.

In 2010, Liane Rossler + Sarah K launched Supercyclers as a banner for their investigations into reuse of waste materials - and as a platform to profile other designers/designs that they felt were approaching issues of sustainability in worthwhile ways.

Supercyclers are an ever growing international collection of designers focussed in their practices on building a sustainable future into the products they create - transforming perceptions of waste materials and the way we use things in the process.

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