Sweet Nature. Beehive Landscape. 2016. Australian clay and local plants.

Sweet Nature. Beehive Landscape. 2016. Australian clay and local plants.


An exhibition of ceramic works by Liane Rossler. Made from local Australian clay, and created in a direct process from earth to form expressing the natural qualities of the material, the pieces in the exhibition are designed as interior landscapes and mini eco-systems to nurture nature and support plants, people, birds, bees and butterflies.

From 22 November to 17 December at Annette Larkin Fine Art. Suite 4, 8 Soudan Lane Paddington NSW.

Liane Rossler Exhibition Talk 11.30am Saturday 3 December

Liane Rossler and Glenn Barkley discuss the Sweet Nature exhibition and new body of work, and explore how a passion for creating a sustainable environment weaves through the artistic practice.


‘Liane Rossler remains a natural in sculpting almost-perfect small forms that share the monumental qualities of mountains and boulders. More than thirty years after she began hand-shaping moulds for objects, her skill now is being expressed through a more earthy and natural medium: clay. This exhibition, which continues Liane’s ongoing Sweet Nature project, reveals her finesse in forming grit-textured Australian terracotta stoneware into elemental containers. The graceful forms and grainy surfaces of some of her bowls and platters are further contrasted by thick applications of an opaque, black, low-sheen glaze; producing a raw, minimal aesthetic which echoes precedents from 1960s-70s studio potters in Japan, Britain and Sweden. Since leaving Dinosaur Designs in 2010, where she was one of the three founders and directors, her creative forms have included working with materials such as earthenware, carved pumice, sandstone and hand-blown glass. She offers today’s collectors rare intuition, authenticity and precision in her elegant homages to Nature.’ 

Davina Jackson. November 2016

‘Art and nature are so intertwined. They inspire us and connect us to the world that we all depend on to live. Liane Rossler has always been an inspiration to me. She combines her love of the environment and the fight to protect it with a representative beauty that speaks of that through shape, texture, colour and most of all balance. It is that creative connection that drew us together as friends and fellow activists for a liveable and beautiful world. We all have much to do to challenge the darkness that suggests we cannot create a future where we live with and not against the environment that keeps us. Liane’s work shows us, through the balance she finds in her art, that it is indeed possible to find an even greater balance between ourselves and the world that we live in.’ 

Blair Palese. CEO 350.org. November 2016. 

Exhibition materials

The ceramics in this exhibition are made from Australian stoneware clay, made and fired locally in Sydney.  The power and electricity used in production of this exhibition has been offset with the Sweet Nature planting program and with Climate Friendly who have invested in the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project. The ceramic works are stamped with a Makers Mark ‘8’ as a symbol of never ending happiness.