THE NECK. 2019.

Inspired by the very real effects of climate change on the mountain village of Sagada, The Philippines, The Neck, curated by Bridget Kennedy, uses its namesake as a vehicle for social, environmental and political commentary. Featuring selected emerging and established artists from Australia and New Zealand, the exhibition supports The Pacific Calling Partnership.

The neck, often seen as a sensual part of the body, a site of vulnerability, is also a site of strength, supporting the heavy head, a conduit to our heart and lungs, providing life; giving oxygen to our bodies, and nourishment through the ingestion of food. At a time when our planet and humanity seems to be suffocating on many fronts, strangled by powerful, self-serving ‘leaders’, Bridget Kennedy invites selected artists to explore the neck as a vehicle for political, social and environmental activation. Artists include; Melissa Cameron, Melinda Young, Liane Rossler, Pennie Jagiello, Claire McArdle, Peter Deckers, Nicole Robins, Misa Gelin, Shirley Cho, Cara Johnson, Zoe Brand, Kelly McDonald, Vivian Atkinson, Tracey Clement, Vernon Bowden, Renee Pearson, Helena Bogucki, Roseanne Bartley.

Sweet Nature. Hanging Garden.

Artist statement:

Every day we are presented with both challenges and solutions in regards to the changing environment on our planet.

The Sweet Nature Hanging Garden series, made from earth and designed to nurture nature is both an incubator for and a connection to creating a beneficial future.

Plants have been proven to improve health, provide visual beauty, purify air, provide calm and benefit mood. On a larger scale, they cool the environment, provide shelter and habitat and have endless benefits.  

Hanging Gardens can be used to carry seeds to be planted, to house tiny seedlings, as a propagating station for precious life, and can be worn around the neck and continue to cultivate plants when not being worn.

This ceramic work is made from Australian stoneware and has been created in a direct process from earth to form, expressing the natural qualities of the material. 

The work is stamped with a Makers Mark ‘8’ as a symbol of never ending happiness. The power used to produce this work has been offset with the Sweet Nature planting program.