Materials. Low impact. Longevity. adaptability. Broad social engagement. Creating better environments. Healthier planet. 

Work now includes ceramics practice, curating exhibitions, creating creative environments, creative advisory, adaptability watching seeds grow. Full of possibility to be nimble in a changing world and work with engaging issues. Looking forward to next decades working in design.


Started at Superlocalstudio - incubator - then at SCAf and coming up at Powerhouse Museum for Sydney Design. 

Plant Planet .jpeg

Happyness. 2015. Lake Macquarie Regional Gallery. Part of Sweet Nature series. Made from Australian clay and fired with help from the sun, it is a work designed to nurture nature. All plants have a purpose. These pioneer plants are often eradicated with herbicides that are carcinogenic for humans, wildlife and especially bees. Nature provides us so many gifts. Beautiful little heart shaped leaves with sunny yellow flowers, soft mossy mounds and strong leafy greens that take up home in cracks and nature strips.  The work provides an opportunity for earthly contemplation and an appreciation of the everyday gifts from nature.





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